Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Napoleon: Patriot, Revolutionary or Dictator

 Due Monday, March 3, 2014

Napoleon Bonaparte was many things to many people during his lifetime. To many Frenchman then and now he was a true patriot to the cause of French nationalism. Still others considered him an heir to the revolutionary spirit and zeal of the French Revolution. Finally there are those (particularly his enemies!) who consider him nothing more than a petty tyrant who left a path of destruction and death across the landscape of France and Europe.

So what was Napoleon; patriot, revolutionary or dictator? For this blog, each student must make an historically based judgement of Napoleon Bonaparte and his legacy upon France and Europe. You must post a choice for one of the three (patriot, revolutionary or dictator) and then defend your selection. Remember no defense is ever complete without the use of supporting facts! The following links may help you in your quest in answering one of the questions that historians to this day still debate!

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